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What is a cosmetic refurbishment?

The words ‘cosmetic refurbishment’ always ring alarm bells with us at Bendigo Mitchell as the end result can often give a false impression of a truck’s mechanical health. Simply put, following a cosmetic refurbishment (or, in other words, paint-job!), a truck will look to the untrained eye, to be as good as new whereas the reality, under the surface may be very different.

We do not, as a rule, cosmetically refurbish trucks in isolation. Full paint-jobs on forklifts only take place after a complete mechanical overhaul, so you can be sure that with Bendigo Mitchell, if it looks as good as new on the outside, it is as good as new on the inside.

We are not a recent 'internet forklift company' and have been honing our forklift truck skills over many years. These skills are of paramount importance in forklift truck overhauls where they ensure maximum quality and reliability of product.

Below is a copy of one of our early marketing brochures from the 1970s. As you will see, while equipment and hopefully our marketing style, has become more modern, our thorough and meticulous approach to overhauls has remained consistent over the last 30+ years.

We grade our forklift trucks for sale as follows, allowing for complete transparency, and therefore total certainty to you, our customer:






Factory over-hauled

Used machines that have been fully overhauled both cosmetically and mechanically, to ‘as new’ standards.

Minimum 12 months



Used machines, typically from our hire fleet that have been fully serviced and checked by our highly skilled technicians

Minimum 3 months


Part-exchange bargains

Machines that we have received in part exchange and have been fully serviced and checked by our highly skilled technicians

Minimum 30 days

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