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Can you fit a camera to our forklift truck to assist with high lifts?

Yes. This is something that we regularly do for many of our customers.

Camera systems can be invaluable systems within your forklift truck and can be fitted to any type of forklift truck, including reach and counterbalance models.

If lifting to high levels, a fork positioning camera is perfect to enable the operator to accurately pick up loads. This can greatly increase productivity, while also reduce fork wear and any minor pallet damage.

Similarly, rear view cameras are excellent means of providing the operator with a more complete view, therefore greatly improving safety.

Forklift truck CCTV systems are available in either wired or wireless formats. There are pros and cons to each:

Wired Forklift Truck CCTV Camera Systems

Wired forklift truck CCTV camera systems typically provide the best picture due to the direct signal received through the wires. They are also ideal for use in any environments where other wireless networks may interfere.

The main drawback to wired systems is the wear put on the wires due to the 'travel' within the mast, on any fork-operated camera. This can cause the wires to fray, and connections to work loose, and ultimately, reception to become poor. As long as camera (and wire) maintenance is included in standard servicing and maintenance however, this should not be a major problem.

Wireless Forklift Truck CCTV Camera Systems

The key benefit of wireless forklift truck CCTV camera systems, unsurprisingly, is the lack of any wires. The lack of wires means there is little to either fray or work loose.

The drawback of the lack of wires is potential interference with the wireless signal. Other devices such as wireless internet routers, mobile phones, internal 'walkie-talkies' and other truck systems may make it difficult to find a free 'channel' on which to transmit the signal in order to produce a clear picture in the cabin.

Our skilled technicians have huge experience in fitting both wired and wireless systems and are ideally placed to recommend which is best suited to your business environment.

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