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My forklift battery is no longer holding its charge, what should I do?

Forklift batteries, like all rechargable batteries, have a finite lifespan. The length of this lifespan depends very much on the usage application, and as such there is no real 'rule of thumb.' The amount of use, the frequency of use, and the way in which the battery has been charged will all impact on the lifespan of a forklift truck battery.

Often, however, we receive calls from people who are worried that their entire battery is in need of replacement, anticipating spending thousands of pounds on a replacement. Sometimes this is the case, however frequently, our skilled technicians are able to provide a far more cost effective solution.

If your forklift battery is no longer holding charge, get in touch with Bendigo Mitchell and we will provide you with a full breakdown of your options. In summary however, potential options include:

  • Individual cell replacement
  • Cell linkage replacement
  • New battery
  • Service exchange battery
  • Charger check
  • Battery regeneration

Battery regeneration is a state of the art process involving advanced technology that extends the life of lead acid traction batteries. Failure of batteries is due to build-up of sludge caused through the process of recharging which, over a period of years, results in a build up to the electrode surfaces.

By using innovative products Bendigo Mitchell's technicians can reduce the volume of sludge by up to three quarters, thereby substantially extending the useful life of the battery. The products do not interfere with active particles but restrict the creation of sulphation.

This process requires batteries to be brought into our workshops for the regeneration process to be carried out however hire trucks are available at discounted rates to cover any downtime.

New & Service Exchange Batteries

Sometimes, even we can't regenerate a battery. In these situations we are always able to provide a competitive option on either a new or service exchange battery. Because we regularly source batteries for our customers, other forklift companies, and our own hire fleet, we are able to secure the most competitive prices that we pass onto our customers.

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