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Buying a forklift online - what you should beware of

Don't purchase a forklift truck online before you have read this article!

There is an increasing trend for purchasing forklift trucks online. This is hardly surprising as there is an increasing trend for purchasing everything online. We, like many other forklift companies use the internet to advertise any stock that is surplus to requirements. If you are considering purchasing a forklift truck online however, we strongly suggest you ask the company advertising the truck the following questions:

Question Reason
How old is the forklift truck? Well, it's obvious, isn't it? You would be surprised though by the number of companies who do not routinely communicate the age of the machine. Presumably, if you don't ask, you never find out.
What work has been undertaken on the truck to prepare it for sale, and who undertook it? To be confident of the reliability of a truck for sale, certain mechanical checks need to be undertaken by experienced fork lift truck engineers. Ask them to commit in writing to what has been done; that way you can be sure of what you are buying.
What are the exact terms of the warranty? Many firms run minimal warranty terms. You need to know exactly what is included, and for how long. Any truck sold by Bendigo Mitchell comes with 3 months warranty, minimum.
What state is the battery in? If you are buying an electric truck, it is absolutely essential that you understand the state of the battery. If you're not careful you could buy a truck, and quickly have to spend up to £4,000 putting a new battery in it.
Can they guarantee the machine is suited to your requirement? It is vital that you know that truck you are buying is well suited to you. Forklift trucks have many different characteristics, and you could very easily purchase a machine not suited to your application.
Will they conduct an application survey at your place of work? The way to be absolutely sure that the truck is suited to you is to ask them to conduct an application survey at your premises. They should really offer to do this without any prompting from you, but if they don't, ask them to.
Can they provide you with a collection of satisfied customers who have made repeat purchases? Anyone can provide a name of someone who has purchased one item. Ask them to give you names of people who keep coming back for more! That way you can be confident of your likely experience.

See below for an article showing what happened when someone did not ask these sort of questions:

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