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What do you know about internet forklift truck companies?

We are regularly asked about so called 'internet based forklift companies,' and what we know about them. The truth is, this type of forklift company who offer trucks direct to customers are not businesses we know well. We are therefore unable to comment on them as companies.

We would always urge caution when buying something as valuable, and potentially dangerous as a forklift truck however. While we have a Bendigo Mitchell website to generate enquiries and build our brand awareness, we would much rather talk to you in person and strongly recommend you do not buy based on pictures and description alone.

We would be delighted to welcome you to our premises, from which we have been trading for 30+ years, to view our trucks and quality processes. Equally, we would strongly recommend you allow us to visit your work application to carry out a (free) site survey to ensure the truck offered is the best fit for purpose.

On a final note, we would also reiterate the old adage that 'if it looks to good to be true, it quite probably is!' (See our page on 'cosmetic refurbishments')

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