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Do you sell forklift truck gas?

As a supplier of a large number of fork lift trucks for hire, we are also able to supply forklift gas. We can arrange for gas to be delivered direct to your premises, meaning all you need to do is take delivery, and send back the empties.

One tip to be aware of is that most forklift truck gas bottles have a large arrow on them. This arrow needs to be pointing down, for the gas flow to work correctly. If it is pointing up, the truck will appear to be out of gas. You would be amazed at the amount of customer 'breakdowns' our engineers have attended, only to find the gas bottle had been put on with the arrow pointing up!

We also sell gas storage cages via our online store www.handlingandlifting.co.uk Get in touch to find out more. Alternatively, call us on 01926 857626

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