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New & Used Forklift Trucks For Sale

Forklift truck purchase

We offer forklift truck sales across the full spectrum of application specifications, and budget requirements. As a fully independent distributor, we always specify the machine that we know will suit your business requirement best, rather than one that will help us hit a dealer target.

As you would expect, we offer new forklift trucks for sale, as well as a range of used and overhauled machines. Read on below for more information.

New forklift trucks for sale

We offer a full range of forklift trucks, reach trucks and all terrain forklifts for sale. Our materials handling experts are perfectly placed to assess your requirements and recommend the manufacturer and machine that is perfect for your needs. Get in touch now to book a free application survey and consultation to ensure your needs are met with the machine you need, and not the one manufacturer dealers need to sell.

Our considerable purchasing power ensures we are always able to offer very competitive prices on all major makes, including Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, BT / Toyota, Linde, Komatsu & Still.

Used forklift trucks for sale

We grade all our used forklift trucks for sale into one of three categories, allowing for complete transparency, and therefore total certainty to you, our customer:

Our working practice means no unwanted, bad surprises down the line. Unlike many, we do not merely ‘cosmetically refurbish’ our machines. Full paint-jobs on forklifts take place after a complete mechanical overhaul, so you can be sure that with Bendigo Mitchell, if it looks as good as new on the outside, it is as good as new on the inside.

(See Knowledge Base for more information on Cosmetic Refurbishments)

Gold Standard: Workshop Overhauled Forklift Trucks

Forklift trucks are not like cars in that, as long as they are well maintained, there is no reason why they may not continue in use for many, many years. A forklift truck that has been expertly overhauled by our technicians in our dedicated workshop therefore provides an excellent way of acquiring a forklift truck that is to ‘as new’ standard, at a fraction of the cost. Typically an overhauled forklift truck costs half the price of a new machine, and comes with a minimum of 12 months’ warranty.

A factory overhauled forklift truck involves a complete strip of the machine to its chassis to permit complete inspection of truck components.

The chassis is cleaned and welds inspected for structural strength.

Sub-assemblies are either rebuilt or replaced as required, and individually bench tested, incorporating safety and improvement modifications as required.

If required, a replacement traction battery is fitted, and the charger tested. The chain is tested, and the relevant chain test certificate issued.

The forklift truck can be re-sprayed in original colour or in customers fleet colour with logo if required.  

All used equipment is safety checked to conform to the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and comes with a minimum of 12 months’ parts and labour warranty.

Click here to view our range of used forklift trucks.

Silver Standard – Ex-Hire Fleet, Used Machines

Our ex-hire fleet bargains represent excellent value for money. These trucks have come from our extensive hire fleet when a hire contract has come to an end. Often they have only been lightly used, and because they are from our hire fleet, they have been expertly maintained by our team of highly skilled service technicians.

If you are looking for a truck that will do an excellent, functional job, but shows some signs of previous use, one of these trucks is definitely worth exploring.

We sell all our ex-hire fleet trucks with 3-6 months parts and labour warranty meaning you can be sure that not only are you buying a bargain, you’re also buying the peace of mind you would associate with Bendigo Mitchell.

Click here to view our range of used forklift trucks.

Bronze Standard – Part-exchange bargains

Selected part-exchange machines are offered for sale having been checked on all aspects of safety and functional operation. Prices vary according to any work carried out, but for some companies this is an ideal first-time buy when funds are tight. Remember, our ISO9001 Registration and Thorough Examination Accreditation are our Guarantee of Quality. Often, trucks have been maintained by us so we can be confident of an impeccable service history.

All part-exchange forklift trucks come with a minimum of 3 months’ warranty.

Click here to view our range of used forklift trucks.




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